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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Mandy’s Treason

We expect the perks and the congenial atmosphere to persuade Brits in Brussels to go native but this:
PETER Mandelson, the European trade commissioner, last night fuelled the blazing row over the European Union budget by telling Tony Blair he should consider giving up Britain's £3 billion rebate.
Don’t forget that Mandy is also a close personal friend of Mr Blair, who has a lot riding personally on this issue. Its not often I feel sorry for Mr Blair, but if thats his best friend????? Mr Mandelson was also guilty of a piece of typical EU obfuscation.
It is "wrong" for poorer accession states to pay for any part of it, he said.
For the intellectually challenged like “our” commissioner, may I just point out that a rebate is paid by no-one. It is the return of money that we paid in the first place. Besides, how any country that is not a net contributor can be paying for anything is beyond my level of understanding.

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