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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Prize Comment

In case you don't read the endless comments on the article A Right to Answer Back, I thought I would bring to your attention a piece of creativity in language that still has me chuckling:

Federists like to give it the ol' soft-focus talk about European brotherhood, and joining together in a common European home and embracing love power, and.... Except the self-same people raise the spectre that if we ever object to the whole EU thing, rampaging mobs of previously respectable Danes will storm through Copenhagen torching British businesses, while the EU launches a massively self-destructive war on British trade. A-huh. So they're our European brothers if we agree with everything they say, and vindictive sociopaths if we disagree. This isn't a Union, it's a cult.
Courtesy of Not So Dumb Jon

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