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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Idealistic European Youth?

Or so goes the Euro Propaganda. But its not quite that simple.
The referendum had left Tineke Smit, a mother and stepmother to five children, baffled by the younger generation and their hostility to Europe. "I voted Yes for a stronger Europe - it's not a very good constitution but it's a beginning." She feared younger people especially would vote No. "I can't understand it," she said, reporting some robust "discussions" with one of her sons on the subject. "My children live across Europe, travel across Europe, study across Europe," she said. "Their generation are the first real Europeans."
So on the contrary, the young are more Eurosceptic. Could this be because having grown up in a time of easy travel and communication they see the justification of the EU as the lie it is. They are happy to travel, eat foreign food, sow their wild oats to the four corners of the globe, work in another country, but they don’t see the need to destroy their national identity in order to do so. It’s a kind of Globalist Patriotism, or Post Nationalist Nationalism.

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