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Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Media Lost

The Guardian points out that the media lost the most heavily in France.
Most commentators have observed that Jacques Chirac has been stung by this defeat, but the rout of France's mainstream media is even more impressive. From the rightwing television channel TF1 to the "leftwing" weekly le Nouvel Observateur, and including le Monde, Libération, the business press, the major radio stations, even women's and sports publications - they all warned and railed, they all censored and twisted. Yet, their propaganda was blunted by an unexpected surge of democracy.
Which tends to slay a lot of the lefty arguments over the power of the media. Europhiles commonly complain that British media are leading the British people astray. Well this result against the combined weight of the media seems to question that assumption. It also raises the question. If 55% of French people can vote no when all the media is in favour, what percent of Brits would vote no with much of the media weighing in against? Go on Tony, give us a referendum.

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