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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Head Nanny Speaks

The EU’s head of Nannying and Health Fascism, Markos Kyprianou, has been talking about his aims for the coming years. He knows what is good for us. On the dangers of Smoking:
Ireland, Italy and Malta have already been exemplary in banning smoking in all public places.
Notice the word exemplary. Destroying liberty is an example to be followed. We should all follow their lead in diminishing citizen’s rights to make their own choices.
If other EU countries follow their lead it will have a huge impact. Smoke free public places not only protect people from the dangers of passive smoking, they also encourage smokers to kick the habit.
If we had government spending free zones, would that encourage politicians to kick their damaging and addictive habits?
I am actively working towards a Europe where all public places are smoke free.
I want control of your lives. On Obesity
The Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health launched on March 15, brings together key EU stakeholders from business, civil society and the public sector in order to mobilise an EU-wide drive against obesity.
Why do I always get visions of Hitler Youth programmes when I hear such statements?
My goal is that by next year business, civil society and governments across the EU will be doing significantly more than they currently are to counter Europe’s obesity epidemic.
Why should businesses care?
I am looking to see action that produces concrete results, not just a few token gestures.
Oh I see, you are threatening them. On Health Spending
I would urge them to look at the positive benefits of health spending as well as the costs. For example, 500 million working days are lost every year in Europe due to illness
Its called skiving and it is a direct result of the socialist policies that the EU and client states force upon their citizens. Supporters of the EU often say that some problems cannot be dealt with at a national level, environmental issues being an example. Are we then to take it that smoke from Belgium is causing passive smoking cancers in Sweden? Otherwise what reason can there be for smoking to be an EU area of interest? Perhaps the reason for interest in Turkey’s membership is to stop the Turks smoking and thereby upsetting those in Ireland who are not able to. As for Obesity, the reasonable level of subsidiarity at which to deal with this one is, now let me see, The Individual. After all, they can hardly claim passive weight gain can they. How do we get rid of these Super Nannies? I've had Enough.

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