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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Those Evil American Corporations

A Large American Multinational Company like most of its kind has evil designs which could destroy life as we know it. In a plan to rob us of our heritage, it wants to digitise millions of books and make them freely available on the internet. The brazen arrogance of the company is breathtaking. How do they think they can get away with it? All is not lost however as the Guardians of Culture will not give in to evil Mammon so easily.
"That's why I say 'yes' to the initiative of the French president (Jacques Chirac) to launch a European digital library. I say 'yes' because Europe must not submit in the face of virulent attacks from others."
That we are represented, as a continent united, by men of such depth of character and strength of spirit, is a matter of great fortune. I for one am proud that there will be no shrinking from the mission nor will any expense be spared as we fight against this evil American attack. It was for this great mission that the EU was formed. Protecting the culture of every European from an American company that would have done the job for us at no cost. Excuse me as I stand to attention and sing our European Anthem.

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