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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Jacques Castro? Fidel Chirac?

French Eurosceptic, Philippe de Villiers has a number of classic quotes in the Telegraph today. These were the ones I liked best.
  1. "On the radio, in the newspapers, on all television channels, there is just one single editorial voice: for the Yes,"
  2. "It's unreadable, even with glasses, and that's not an accident," "People are going to say, 'Oh, I can't read this, I'll just read this helpful synopsis'. It's a trick worthy of Fidel Castro,"
  3. "We are faced with an outpouring of state propaganda, funded with public money, and supported by almost every branch of the mainstream French media, all in the service of a Yes vote."
  4. "There is a system of absolute complicity here among the political elite.
Should the result not go the way he wants it to, it will be due to the complete crowding out of counter arguments. With half the population opposed, surely half of the commentary should also be against. I guess it’s not just in Britain where the press has its own agenda and where state owned media is twisted by bias. Funnily enough the only area where the media in Britain (BBC excepted) can be trusted to reflect their audience’s beliefs is in EU affairs. Something that gets Europhiles mad.

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