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Monday, April 25, 2005

Lefty Baiting

Us Reactionary Right Wing, Bush loving, Xenophobic, Heavily polluting Neo Cons love nothing more than to make unkind comments about Planet Loving, Kind Hearted, Equality campaigning, Pan Europeanists, UN loving, Peaceful Multiculturalists. In order to help spread this vicious practise the following websites have been launched. The Worst Lefties: The Best Right Wing Attack Dogs: As Bloggers, we bow to no-one in our ability and capacity to launch relentless attacks on Guardianistas. Therefore I think we should add some of our own to the list and vote them up to the top. I have added Tim and given him a vote. If more follow, we can make some of our number a little more famous and grow the blogsphere to the benefit of all. Apart from that, check the sites out and vote.

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