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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Denis Le Menace

French Eurosceptics are Arses. Allegedly that is. Britain’s very own Quisling has got himself into hot water over remarks made in a speech in France.
A French politician called for an apology from Britain yesterday after Denis MacShane, Minister for Europe, ridiculed French opponents of the EU constitution in coarse terms. This is actually not surprising from the man who accuses us Eurosceptics of being Knuckle Dragging Xenophobic Little Englanders.
The term he used was Neo-Con, which The Times translates thus:
The word con is a term of vulgar abuse, roughly translating as arse or stupid bugger.
Now he is in trouble or as Eursoc says:
Denis MacShane may be about to discover that some things in the EU might be rather more integrated than he would like.
I am sure the Non crowd will use this opportunity to remind the French Electorate that it is Perfidious Brits like this MacShane who are threatening to destroy their cosy sophisticated European Club. Thanks Denis.

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