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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Swedes want their say

Majority of Swedes want a referendum on the constitution.
Campaigners in Sweden handed in a petition of over 120,000 people last week as part of a campaign to get a referendum on the proposed EU Constitution. The Swedish Government has been insisting that the current Parliament should vote on ratification later this year. However, a new poll this week shows that a majority of voters want the issue decided by a referendum (58 percent) or at a General Election (26 percent). Just 12 percent of voters support the Government’s position.
I don’t know whether they will ever need one, the way things are going south of the channel, but its good news anyway. Lets hope the government caves in to the pressure. With this treaty becoming such a major deal and setting a precedent for referendums in so many countries, further treaties have become almost impossible. Giscard’s folly could go down in history as a Treaty too Far.

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