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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Much Repeated Argument

I read this paragraph in the Times yesterday.
The comedy is that France’s Communists have taken up the same position as the anti-Europe wing of the Tories, for the opposite reason. One side decries the document as a licence for Anglo-American unbridled capitalism, the other as the foundation of a European super-state.
This line of reasoning is used constantly to undermine the Anti Banana Republic cause. In my humble opinion, it is a totally irrelevant argument. French Communists are very obviously a long way from British Tories on any subject you can care to think of. That one should find the EU too capitalist and the other too socialist is as unsurprising as learning that Polly Toynbee found the Budget tight fisted, whilst Sean Gabb thinks it an example of total pillage. In fact the EU works on messy compromises, a fact that means no-one is ever truly happy with the outcome. Unless these compromises concern subjects that really 100% have to be tackled at a European level, the obvious answer is subsidiarity. So rather than undermine our arguments, that fact that everyone wants something different from the EU should illustrate what is wrong with the idea in the first place.

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