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Friday, March 11, 2005

The Biggest Myth Sellers.

Those who read this blog regularly will know that I am more likely to recommend Michael Jackson as a babysitter than to say something positive about the Common Agricultural policy. Therefore this report made me want to weep with frustration. What does the enlarged Europe think of the common agricultural policy (CAP)?
66% of European Union citizens believe that granting more funds for the protection and development of the overall rural economy and for direct support to farmers is a good thing
We are all being screwed and we love it. With all the stories about how CAP is an out of control monster and all the pressure for change we would hope to see a much different Picture.
57 % of Europeans believe that the CAP is doing a good job in ensuring that agricultural products are healthy and safe.
Faced with the fact that CAP is a huge disaster, the EU needed to create the lie that it had something to do with food safety. It seems that a lagre number of people have swallowed this hook line and sinker.
48 % believe that the CAP is making European agriculture more competitive on world markets.
What it does is turn farmers into welfare recipients, exactly the opposite of increasing competitiveness.
29 % of Europeans (9 % more than in 2003 and 2002), recognise the importance of information on the geographical origin of the food and the role that the CAP plays in this respect.
Bearing in mind my post yesterday, that’s ironic in the extreme. Get it into your thick heads. CAP is a scam designed to take your money away from you, to the benefit of a small number of politically important people. The fact that it also helps impoverish the worlds poorest nations is just an addition stain on its character. How can we get this fact into 450 million peoples heads?

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