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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Clogging Up the Constitution

If those untrustworthy Brits, who think they are better than everyone else, vote no, many people might get angrey, but noone will be suprised. If a more traditionally Europhile country rejects the work of a Corrupt old French President however the outcome could be very different.

While international attention has been focused on the French referendum, just three days earlier on May 29, the Dutch are far more likely to slam on the brakes of the constitutional juggernaut. Polls in France still show a majority in favour of the constitution, but the Government in The Hague has been shocked to find that a majority of its citizens are opposed, and by no small margin.
The Dutch? These people are the most cosmopolitan nation in Europe. They speak more languages, travel more widely and do business in every corner of the globe. And yet:
42 per cent of Dutch would choose to vote “no”, against 28 per cent who plan to vote “yes”.
Perhaps Euroscepticism is not about Xenophobia after all? In fact the Dutch have finally realised what mugs they have been taken for:
The Dutch also have particular financial grievances about the EU, because they contribute more per capita than any other country.
They also are coming to understand that harmonisation is an idea that is completely wrong:
“In the EU, everything becomes the same, and that’s a real pity. When I go to France, I want to eat French cheese made by a farmer in his cellar, but with hygiene standards, everything becomes the same.”
So why bother to go to France at all?
Lets hope the Dutch can vent their frustrations and we can get the first positive result of the campaign. They would of course be asked to vote again, but the inevitability of the treaty will have been destroyed.

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