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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Dishonesty EU Style

The EU debate often focuses each side accusing the other of dishonesty. To show that New Europe is no slouch in traditional EU games the Czech Prime Minister is getting in on the act.
He is facing a challenging battle to secure a Czech 'Yes' to the Constitution in the referendum expected in June 2006. Whereas the social democrats are pro-EU, the Communists and the Civic party of President Vaclav Klaus are fiercely opposed. They use "facile and even dishonest arguments"
Shock horror! Dishonesty in politics? Of course Pro-Europeans never stoop to such debased tactics. I have a suggestion to Mr Gross. Why not set up a website debunking the myths put out by the opposition. Anti EU Czech bloggers will have a great time, debunking the debunking.

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