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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Expropriating Your Money is a Human Right

Europhiles like to claim that the charter of fundamental rights is a step forward for the rights of UK citizens, because it sets out the obligations of the state to the people. Europhobia had a post saying so much recently. A ruling by the European Court of human rights illustrates what I think is wrong with this philosophy. Two campaigners who were found to have distributed a leaflet in the mid-1980s libelling the McDonald's fast food chain were denied their rights to free speech and a fair hearing, the European Court of Human Rights ruled yesterday. And what pray tell was the thing that the government failed to do?
Seven judges found that the denial of legal aid to the defendants "deprived them of the opportunity to present their case effectively and contributed to an unacceptable inequality of arms with McDonald's".
So their basic human right was to have our money with which to defend themselves against McDonalds. Legal aid is a human right?
The fact that they lost the case, i.e. they were guilty of spreading slander, was apparently not relevant. What they appear to be writing is a liars charter, where the poor taxpayer picks up the tab.
If the Charter of Fundamental Rights passes into law, then this type false Human Rights, so beloved of our Dear Leader’s wife, will become the norm. At our expense. For those about to jump on me, I am aware that the European Court of Human Rights is not an EU body. It is the logic I am criticising.

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