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Monday, January 17, 2005

Pot Calls Kettle Black

We annoying Eurosceptics are often criticising various EU institutions and methods as lacking accountability. Its what we do each morning before breakfast. It defines us as people. Its interesting therefore to see the competition taking up the cry:
Charlie McCreevy, the European Union internal market commissioner, has a waded into the debate over controversial new international accounting standards, by questioning the political accountability of the body in charge of drafting the new rules.
On the other hand, Mr McCreevy is of course representing the electorate, following the free a fair elections held to choose the commissioners. No? Well there must be another reason for the concern.
In particular, the Commission is concerned that it has no direct say in the process of drafting new accounting rules even though Brussels has committed itself to making the standards mandatory for more than 7,000 listed companies in the EU.
So to the real meat of it. Brussels is unhappy that someone else has the right to control a part of our lives. Judging by Brussels Accounting Track record, I’d say its rather a good thing that they have no say in the making of these rules.

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