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Monday, January 17, 2005

The Final Document ?

One of the biggest selling points of the EU Constitution has been that it allegedly defines once and for all a nation state’s relationship with the EU. Those of us with a more cynical view of the world were unconvinced. Now its official, the constitution will have to change.
In a bid to ease French fears about Turkey membership of the EU and the voting power it would wield due to its size, the European Commission President told French daily Le Figaro on Wednesday that the rules may be changed.
So in a bid to ease French fears, Mr Barroso has just made the life of Europhiles in the UK a lot harder. Thanks Mr President, we’ll accept it as a late Christmas Gift.
"If it is necessary to change the rules we will do so, but that is not an issue today" said José Manuel Durão Barroso.
Funny isn’t it, anything that might upset the apple cart is always tomorrows issue. The EU moves one controversial issue at a time. Any other strategy could mobilise resistance and create a backlash. So we will wait a little while and then create a new project or treaty. So that’s final then?

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