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Friday, November 05, 2004

Apparently CAP benefits consumers

Euro barometer is a polling organization that exists to assess knowledge of and attitudes towards the EU across the member states. Its reports, whilst biased make for interesting reading. A couple of months ago it published a report on the common agricultural policy, my least favourite part of the mess we call the EU. The results are shocking. A fair share of citizens think that the CAP benefits consumers first as it affords quality, safety and affordability of food products. Here is a programme that makes eating a prohibitively expensive habit, compared to the rest of the world and a good number of people think that CAP makes food cheaper. That is without the indirect cost in taxes. On the subject of quality, EU citizens would be prepared to pay more to have, for instance, quality meat and vegetables. And you think that the free market is unable to provide these things. Well let me put you straight. The abolition of CAP would reduce prices of all food products considerable, which would lead to a demand for higher value products as buying the basics would require less of a consumers income. When asked what areas the EU is active in 59% of the population mention agriculture, more than any other issue. Well its a start I suppose. However only 39% had actually heard of CAP. Seeing as this is by far the most controversial part of European Union policy and 60% of the population has never heard of it, I despair that we will ever get the discussion needed on the EU and its impact on our lives. The figure for France was 73%, reinforcing my belief that the winners always know, whereas the losers tend to be ignorant. Such is the iniquity of government action. 52 percent of respondents felt that decisions on agriculture should be made at EU level, whilst 37 percent said national government was best. So the fact that this area of responsibility is the best example of incompetence, fraud and wrong headedness, more than any other single issue, is still not enough for some people. They have been so brainwashed, or are so apathetic, that a trans national programme that swallows billions of Euros, impoverishes the third world and has no redeeming virtues is acceptable. I give up. This is the continent that calls Americans Stupid. As to what they know about European agricultural policy. 39% think that it ensures food safety 36% think that it ensures food quality 23% think that it ensures low prices. What do we have to do to get people to listen. We have the most expensive food anywhere, and 1 in 4 consumers think the EU has reduced prices for them. What do Consumers think that the EU should be doing 91% think they should focus on food safety 83% protecting small farms 81% Helping farmers to meet consumers expectations. So farmers, food processors, supermarkets and others in the logistics change need a bunch of ignorant Brussels bureaucrats to tell them how to meet the consumers needs. Some people even think that they should protect the taste of the produce we buy. I don’t know about you, but everything the EU does leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Surveys are more often interesting for what they fail to ask rather than their questions. Not one single mention of value for money in 67 pages of report. A survey devoted to creating wish lists, asking people what would be nice. I am sure that if you asked these question the answer would be different.
  1. Did you know that you pay hundreds of euros more than necessary each year to support the CAP. Do you think this is value for money.
  2. Did you know that Africans are dying every day due to our agricultural policy. Do you think this is a price worth paying.
How can we spread the word about this and other Euro disasters so that the man on the street takes notice

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