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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Working together

Now that the Texan Cowboy has won another four years at the white house, European leaders are biting their tongues and sending messages of congratulation I particularly liked this one. German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder heartily congratulated his US counterpart while stressing the need for the international community to face the Worlds challenges together.

Great challenges face the world: international terrorism, the danger of weapons of mass destruction being built; regional crises, but poverty, climate change and epidemics also threaten our security and stability. These challenges can only be overcome by working together, he said.
First he had the chance to work together but blew it. He and his pal Jacques wanted to stand against the USA whatever. Now is a little late to say we could all be a team. Secondly if you want to overcome poverty, throw away your protectionist instincts and get rid of the Common Agricultural Policy, then we can talk about other issues. As for climate change, record oil prices will do far more good than Kyoto ever could. And finally please dont forget, the whole point of the EU is to be a counter balance to the USA not its partner.

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