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Friday, November 05, 2004

Two Jags gets Walloped

The result of the referendum on a North East jobs for the boys talking shop is a resounding no. John Prescotts EU inspired break up of England has come to a shuddering halt at the first hurdle. Its nice to see our number one political thug on the receiving end for once. Long Live England David Carr of Samizdata views the whole idea like this: In short, the whole thing is simply an Enemy Class job-creation scheme and I like to think that ,at long last, some sections of the British electorate were able to see the truth of this. Perhaps, just maybe, some of the long suffering British cash cows have decided that they have donated more than enough blood to these Vampires Who Walk By Day. Neil Herron, who has been campaigning hard for this result must be very happy, his Blog can be found here.

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