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Friday, October 15, 2004

Should Tony shut up as well

Our Dear leader is tilting at a few windmills in Budapest.

Tony Blair demanded an end to the decades old Franco German domination of Europe yesterday as he called for the EU to forge a common agenda with the United States to solve the world's problems.
Some people never learn do they. An organisation that exists in the mind of its strongest supporters for the sole purpose of being a counter balance to the USA, is hardly likely to heed a call like this. Its like calling for Arsenal and Tottenham to work together for the good of London football. Its not going to happen.
Mr Blair also chose the Budapest meeting to demand that the EU modernise its economy and abandon its reliance on heavily regulated labour markets based on the post war social model.
I dont know how to break this to you Tony, but I have read the draft constitution and it seems to me that the post war social model has just been carved in stone. I would have been a little bit cleverer to have read the thing before you signed it.

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