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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Farewell to a Whistleblower

As we all knew it would, the end of the saga came with the sacking of the only decent person involved.

The European Commission decided today (13 October) to dismiss its former chief accountant Marta Andreasen. In her first comment to the press after receiving the information of her dismissal via the press she told the EUobserver: The Prodi Commission has been manipulated by a group of officials, the nomenklatura as the press once called them, who manages funds without control. She added: They want to continue to manage the funds without real control and that's why they wanted me out.
The reason for her sacking was
Ms Andreasen repeatedly and knowingly acted in disregard of her obligations.
Obligations to whom I wonder, her corrupt superiors or the tax payers of Europe? Still its nice to feel superior as a Brit, these things are all the fault of the shifty continental types. Whoops I forgot this:
The decision may be Mr Kinnock's last act before stepping down as the commissioner in charge of fighting fraud.
Nice to know that those sent to Brussels to represent us take their jobs so seriously. To think that this man came so close to becoming our Prime Minister. Would you buy a used Constitution from this man? Meanwhile
Officials linked to the disappearance of £3 million in slush funds are still on full salary more than two years later, though their conduct was described by fraud investigators as a vast enterprise of looting.
That seems fair does it not. After all whats 3 million compared to the vast waste of the CAP.

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