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Saturday, October 30, 2004

An Enabling Act

In the Telegraph Charles Moore gives his reaction to the signing of the constitution.

The key point about the Charter of Fundamental Rights is not so much what it says, as how it will be implemented. It will give the European Court a much wider basis for making decisions. Until recently, most European decisions have been economic. Now they will be cultural. This is about what sort of lives we should lead, and it gives legal authority to European judges and bureaucrats to tell us how to lead them. Since the European Court is staffed only by judges who believe in ever-closer European integration, it will make its decisions in that light. The constitution is the sharia of the Euro-enthusiasts.
As we Euro Sceptics have been saying for a long time, the contents of the treaties are not as important as the way in which they are used. The constitution, especially the charter of fundamental rights is nothing more than an enabling act. The powers that be will use is to destroy anything we have left of our own nation and anything other than their socialist view of the world.

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