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Friday, October 29, 2004

A message to Tony Blair

As you pose for photos on this day which the BBC will constantly refer to as historic, the people of the UK, whom you legally and by tradition represent, may wish you to ponder on the gravity of what you are doing. Our traditions, our culture, our politics have through decades and centuries, evolved and changed at a pace not chosen by individuals, but by the strength of the ideas that underlie our way of life. Many leaders believed that by strength of purpose, they could change our nation. Many failed, whilst those we now honour as great were those who understood what the great British people were and what mattered to them. Leaders, enable the people to achieve what they themselves want. They do not try to force unnecessary change on an unwilling populace. For reasons, which no Pro EU politician has ever managed to explain, today you will attempt to sign away our history, our culture, our country. The document you sign today may, in your opinion, add relatively little to the multitude of powers that enables the EU to change every aspect of our lives. It represents however, a watershed, an official recognition of the surrender of our right to choose our own way of life. For this, the British people will never forgive you. We all know which way the referendum will go. This summit, is little more than cheap political opportunism on your part, something so much easier than causing a fuss. Unfortunately for you however it reveals your true belief. That far from representing us, you see yourself as the owner of that which cannot be bought nor given away. Our nation has fought a thousand year battle, so that the people can claim the sovereignty of this country for themselves. This is something that neither you nor any other person has the right give away, dilute or pool in anyway. We the people own this nation, our leaders are expendable, they have a limited shelf life, but this nation will continue to exist long after Tony Blair has been forgotten.

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