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Saturday, October 30, 2004

They Make Traitors Lords Nowadays

From the Guardian

Britain's two most articulate and travelled pro-Europeans, Chris Patten and Neil Kinnock, are to enter the House of Lords, giving them an ideal platform to mount the case for the new European constitution and later the euro.
But its all in a good cause so we should be happy. This way, we pay their wages whilst they campaign for the abolition of our country. Maybe they could be given radio programmes to convince us of the EU arguments. As stage names Lord Haw Haw has a certain ring. Its not often you hear Neil Kinnock being called articulate, wind bag is the usual.

1 comment:

David Noriega said...

Jesus you really are bitter. How many people in the Lords (or the Commons) do you disagree with on any matter?

But "traitor" - for doing a job that the democratically elected PM of the day requested them to do and appointed them too? What on earth qualifies you to claim that two real or potential party leaders are bigger traitors than you are?