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Friday, February 02, 2007

Ve Haf Veys of Making U Not Talk

It seems that all is not as was previously reported, in the case of the Germans telling us what to think.

People who question the official history of recent conflicts in Africa and the Balkans could be jailed for up to three years for "genocide denial", under proposed EU legislation.
The legislation would bring in an "official history" for a whole range of conflicts, that would be beyond discussion. It doesn't mention which genocides and conflicts are included, they are to be decided case by case.
If agreed by EU member states, the legislation is likely to declare open season for human rights activists and organisations seeking to establish a body of genocide denial law in Europe's courts.
So the scum of the earth like Cherie Blair, will effectively be given the incentive to launch a crusade against free speech.

If our Quisling government ever pass such a evil piece of legislation, I will somehow get myself into a TV studio, and I will deny every single genocide & crime against humanity that I can possibly think of. Our free speech is far too important to let left wing wankers take it away from us.

I am also of the same opinion as Deborah Lipstadt, the professor of Modern Jewish and Holocaust Studies:
"When you pass these kinds of laws it suggests to the uninformed bystander that you don't have the evidence to prove your case."


FranceSucks said...

What I really hate about the "Holocaust Industry" is that it denies the murder and suffering of non-jews in WWII and I am also really tired of hearing about it (especially from US jews). I think Germany should erect a monument and museum in Berlin to the suffering of North American Indians and the genocide they suffered at the hands of the US military. I wonder how well that would go over in the "Land of the Free".

Anonymous said...

An official authorised history?

No doubt they will have an army of Winston Smiths to change it in pace with external developments too.

chris said...

Why do I get the feeling that somehow the genocides of Stalin, Moa, the Kims, Pol Pot, or other Socialists will somehow not be covered.

Anonymous said...

You don't ban speech no matter how stupid or offensive. To do so just drives it underground and out of sight where it goes unchallenged. The way to address dumbass positions is to expose them to the bright light of facts in a very public way.

Anonymous said...


You asked "Why do I get the feeling that somehow the genocides of Stalin, Moa, the Kims, Pol Pot, or other Socialists will somehow not be covered."

Because they did it for a better world, didn't they?

haddock said...

History is being changed in subtle ways, Nazis gassed people and committed all manner of atrocities, Germans did not apparently.

Serf said...

I agree with Sasquach. Stupid people deserve the disinfectant of publicity.