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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I will vote against my party and for democracy

The above is a philosophy that we can all agree with. Don't we hate it when politicians put party loyalty above principle. The man who said it is to be congratulated. So who was it? Denis MacShane, tireless campaigner for democracy and accountability........ Here campaigning for the EU Constitution

Many express the banal view that Europe should simply be a free-trade area when the very birth of Europe was profoundly political
Wanting to push "Europe" forward
Today the politics of protest in France, as in Italy, is about resisting change. It seeks to uphold the status quo. And for Europe as a whole, that is a disaster.
Being at the heart of Europe
Once again Britain risks being left behind and, as in the past, reacting defensively with nervous irritation to the ideas shaped in other EU capitals.
On how the Serfs should behave
"We don't believe that the British people will repudiate an international treaty that has been negotiated and signed in good faith and honour by the British government which received an overwhelming vote of confidence at the second reading of the bill in the House of Commons.
The man is an obsessive Eurofanatic. He has never seen an EU idea he doesn't like, and he has the gall to pretend to be a supporter of democracy. Its like getting a lecture on human rghts from Stalin. And what is the massive attack on democracy that he is worried about?
It is over the proposal to tear up more than seven centuries of history and require MPs to sit rather than stand to vote.
Rather puts the superstate into perspective doesn't it.


Anonymous said...

To me, anyone who is seriously in favour of a federal superstate to the extent that this gentleman is cannot be considered a patriot in the proper sense of the word.

S B said...

How a man supporting democracy can ever support the European Union is, indeed, beyond belief. That same EU that forbids, through law, the criticism of the union and its institutions. That same EU that exempts any Commissioners from being arrested by the police or from having their offices searched. Absolutely disgusting.

Steven Bainbridge
A View from the Right