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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Barroso Blames The Netherlands

I have always thought of the Dutch as a fine people, able to speak more languages than anyone else, keen to do business all over the world, friends with all, enemies to none. With the exception of them being too tall for comfort and generally having a football team that is too good, I can't see much to criticise them for. El Presidente is not of the same opinion.

José Manuel Barroso put the Netherlands under pressure for being indifferent about the EU Constitution.
Well perhaps he has a point. Anyone found guilty of indifference over that document should at least be given therapy if not sectioned. Though I doubt thats what he is talking about.
“Once you have signed an agreement you must ratify it as well”, Barroso said to Dutch journalists
I know he used to be a Maoist in his youth but even Barroso can't be this stupid surely. If signing automatically meant ratifying, then surely you wouldn't need both. Problem is that without the need for ratification, a government would effectively be a dictatorship. Its word would be law. Not very "European" is it Jose????


AntiCitizenOne said...

Dictatorships are very European.

Stuart said...

It depends how you take the comment I guess. If he's criticising the people of the Netherlands then that's one thing, but if he's criticising the government then he has a point. If we're talking about the fundamentals of a treaty process then as a basic rule the government should not sign up to a treaty that it can't ratify. Either it should negotiate different terms for the treaty in accordance with the preferences of its electorate, or it should be able to ratify the agreement they've signed up to. Any situation where a government agrees to a treaty but can't ratify it is cause for criticism.

Anonymous said...


"Dictatorships are very European."

Indeed. And one may ask why is history always repeating itself?

Maybe because the desire to dominate others and to cheat is a constant factor in human behavior.

Anonymous said...

it's not "El Presidente" but "O Presidente".
When he was a Maoist , he was a stupid kid , now he's just a stupid Presidente.