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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Welcome to The Club

I know that the people of Bulgaria and Romania have been waiting for this, so for their sake, welcome to the club. I am sure that the contributions of the German, Dutch and UK taxpayers will be gratefully received, especially by the corrupt elites. I know that the economies of both countries are doing well, property extremely well, due to the accession. I am sure that many of you will be already on your way to work across Europe, whatever that nasty Mr Reid has to say.

If any of you should happen across this post, I have visited both countries, and I am not ignorant of the problems that you face. I am sure however, that you will wake up one day and wonder where your country has gone to.


Stan Bull said...

Together, Romania and Bulgaria will increase the EU's population by 30 million, to 490 million, but will add only one per cent to its economic output. Cause for dancing in the street, obviously. Predictions of how many will come to the UK vary between 56,000 and 180,000. Almost certainly an underestimate. Expect to be deluged.

CityUnslicker said...

Agree with you both. What are they to do here as well? unemployment is rising and a mild recession is on the way. Displacing low paid workers and immigrants for their jobs perhaps? Where is the benefit in this for any party?

Anonymous said...

As a new EU citizen I thank you for your welcome.

Of course, I am glad the our economies been finally improving after more than a decade of sensless plunder by the successor of the communist regim and it finally beginig to recover from the economic illness inflicted by decades of communist rule.

As far as I am concerned, I am fully aware that the European funds are a poisoned gift. The short-term benefits will be payed dearly on the long run as it has been the case in all countries where corrupt officials have had access to abundant aid and credits. Our countries, just like Poland, have been through this process in the sixties and seventies as well.

I am not happy with the Brussels bureaucrats, although I must admit their corruption is much more stilish and legal than our politicians'.

I am not glad that the borders of Romania are now closing in the face of many honest hard-working foreigners who could contribute to our development and prosperity, to a richer and more fertile culture.

But I am glad that at least Romania has become again part of a larger economic structure relying (despite the heavy interventionsm) on free competition. At least, if foreigners face humiliating obstacles in entering Romania, Romanians can travel and work abroad.

The last six-seven years, when our countrymen could finally work abroad, have brought tremendous and incredible changes in their attitudes toward work, individual responsibility, political and social involvement etc.

I have been able to understand how much harm the European refusal to open its doors toward us has caused or at the very least perpetuated.

When our two countries joined they EU, they not only joined a corrupt, oversized and malignant European government, they also became part of an area o (realtively) free circulation of people, goods, and capitals.

They have become fully connected to a globval competititve economy and to a much healthier environment than the one they heve been living under.

While we have our own problems with population aging, for the moment we are supporting the more developed countries in fighting this issue at their place, by providing cheap, young and relatively well-skilled labour. I still wander who will pay my pension and my medical costs at home in the future.

But at least, with hopefully free access to the European market, the growth of our economies will compensate for this.

And there is another benefit. European judges tend to apply the law, however warped the law or its imterpretation can be. A corrupt society cannot get out of its predicament without a functioning legal system.

So, again, thank you for your help, and let's be confident that despite teh poisoned gifts from Brussels and the added corruption from our local capitals this meeting will be beneficial.

At the very least there will be millions more oposing the tirany of the Brussels bureaucrats.