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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"We believe there are limits to freedom of expression"

No I don't, its what the German justice minister believes.

Yesterday, at a meeting in Dresden, Brigitte Zypries, the German justice minister, demanded that Holocaust denial and the sporting of Nazi symbols be criminalised across the EU.
There are two separate arguments I have with this.
  1. The time when the German Ban on Nazi Symbols and Holocaust Denial had a practical use is long gone.
  2. Why does every cretin in every country in Europe, try to force their own prejudices, idiocies and illogicalities on every other country in the EU?
Limiting free speech is a serious matter, and should only be done for very good reasons. Post War Germany's Ban on Nazi Symbols and Holocaust Denial, was needed as a temporary measure. That time is long gone however, and existing limits on free speech should be overturned, not extended.

PS. The laws on Holocaust denial are an incredibly dangerous precedent, as the cartoon crisis showed. They basically take away the right of individuals to make up their own minds about things. Instead, the purveyor of the truth is Parliament. How Stalinesque.


AntiCitizenOne said...

Perhaps we should ban National Socialism and it's variants?

bye Bye EU!

James Higham said...

Yes, no matter how good the cause, the first freedom of speech restriction is the thin edge of the wedge. Which is what the Euroglobalists know full well.

Anonymous said...

The so-called battle against Right-Wing Extremism is aimed at distracting from the real problems the people in the EU are facing and a justification for ever tighter control of the populace. The justification given for establishing the total control of the EU population is either islamic terrorism or right-wing extremism. And happily, both stimulate each other so that the proven principle of "divide et impera" helps to secure the power of the polical class and its privileges.

Serf said...

The fuss made about a small number of goose stepping skin heads is far in excess of what is warranted. That in itself shows you that the mainstream parties are using this issue for their own ends.