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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Knuckle Draggers Join Forces

I guess this gives the BNP something to aim for:

Far-right members of the European Parliament are preparing to join forces and form their own political group.
Until the first of January, this wasn't possible, but now....
They had lacked the necessary 19 MEPs from five countries - but that changed when Bulgaria and Romania joined. Romania has five far-right MEPs and Bulgaria has one.
Look for a change in the rules, as they try to stop this from happening. Just a thought. If these people are referred to as the Far Right, why are these not referred to as the Far Left?

1 comment:

Stan Bull said...

It appears that Ashley Mote MEP, elected on the Ukip ticket and now an independent, could be joining the new group. I have been ruminating on this issue at my place. And as for the Far Left group, noone seems to be complaining on that score...