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Monday, January 29, 2007

How Many Staff Does the EU Have?

We often hear from Europhiles, that the EU is not some massive bureaucracy, if fact it has less staff than Birmingham City Council (Though the question of whether the good people of Birmingham are getting a good deal is never raised). Things are not completely as they seem however, because not everyone agrees on the numbers.

  1. EU Official Figures: 25,000
  2. British Government Estimate: 37,000
  3. Open Europe Estimate: 54,000
The 29,000 allegedly hidden employees are believed to be working in low-profile organizations such as the European Data Protection Supervisor, the Community Plant Variety Office and the European Personal Selection Agency.
So the EU has been using the Sir Humphrey approach to shrinking the size of the civil service, call them something else.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The EU works through the national bureaucracies so perhaps you should add those numbers in too.

The EU has "hollowed out" the states from within while allowing the surface-level national symbols to remain. Rather like zombies with the "controlling mind" elsewhere.

This was all planned out in the 50s and is integral to the EU's modus operandi.