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Monday, January 15, 2007

Democracy is in Danger

Ok so ignore me when I make statements like that, I am not important anyway. I mean, if it were true, wouldn't there be more important people making such comments?

Ever heard of Roman Herzog?

Democracy is in danger because of the direction in which the European Union is developing, a former German president, Roman Herzog, said yesterday.
He co authored a report with Lueder Gerken, director of the Centre for European Policy
Among their criticisms was that the German parliament was not involved in European Union legislation as required by the German constitution. They said the European Union was undergoing “creeping centralisation” and acquiring further powers, often without due justification.
Wow, I guess they must be little Englanders, or Xenophobes or something :) , at least that's what I am called when I make similar statements.

Did anyone see this mentioned in any of the British Press, because I haven't seen it. Are we so insular, that we don't give a stuff about serious criticisms of the EU raised by a former senior statesman of one of the most important members? Hat Tip to Colin, for pointing out this story in the comments.


Anonymous said...

How odd, I seem to recall the UK was a democracy before the US even existed... some blip!

The Leadership Blogger said...

It would of course be entirely wrong and possibly racist to point out that Germans can be rather slow on the uptake......

(but, hey, who's for Schadenfreude?)

Anonymous said...

Our time is here, we can force Cameron to offer a referendum I am sure. He wont make it otherwise. The Japanese are re-arming, the Chinese are building a Navy, the Russians have economic and military clout, the new greater Iran will at the very least continue to sponsor terrorism in the face of blind US support for Israel and the increasingly aggressive US stance. The EU? will do f**k all, say F**k all and if anything needs doing of a dangerous nature it will be over to you Brit's, thats your department.

The sooner we exit this utterly insane and counterproductive collection of anti-democracy, anti-free speech and anti-logic failed politicians the better.