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Friday, December 15, 2006

Whose a Nasty Imperialist?

For those Michael Moore loving, GW hating lefties that have stumbled across this by accident, NO, its not the USA. The rest of you knew that I was going to say the EU anyway didn't you.

Eneko Landaburu, general director of the EU external relations commission, announced he was preparing a dossier denouncing the Swiss cantonal tax regime.
Just to reiterate. Switzerland is not a member of the EU, and yet our Benevolent Masters are trying to blackmail them into changing their tax regime. When you take into consideration that under their constitution, tax rates are under control of the cantons, you will see what a disgusting battle this really is.

The EU wants non member Switzerland, to change its constitution, so that it can change a tax regime that it doesn't like.

Imperialist Bastards. At least the Americans want to leave Iraq one day.


Anonymous said...

Why would the EU object to this? Surely it creates jobs for EU citizens.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Because they are interfering left-wing bastards.

Anonymous said...

The word 'bastard' surely is a powerful one. Ironic we're calling them that though. Remember John Major?

Anyway, I find it quite humilating and embarassing that Britain is voluntarily signed up to be bossed around by these bastards. Honestly, there are some real bastards in British politics. The bastarding EU is full of bastards in fact, all of them seeking to leap onto the bastarding bastard train.


James Higham said...

In every single way, the smug arrogance galls. The 2500 Post Offices is another prime issue just now.