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Friday, December 08, 2006

What Has Europe

I came across this animation, by Europhile group The European Movement. Needless to say I wasn't convinced by there list of things that the EU has apparently done.


wonkotsane said...

Oh. My. God. The EU is responsible for safe food, peace and no polution? You can't drink water out of the tap in some EU countries, the EU has done sod all for peace (Yugoslavia, Cyprus, Georgia, Ukraine, etc.) and the fact that the British government is lumping loads of "green" taxes because of polution.

What a load of shit.

The Leadership Blogger said...

Complete fabrication. For one thing, the EU has fought tooth and nail to PREVENT cheap flights. Many of the things claimed there were in fact due to the Common market/EEC - not the effing EU that we don't want or need.

Anonymous said...

"Cheaper and better phone calls"

Well, quite. My phone calls are of a much higher quality than they would be without the EU. Just ask my friends and relatives.

The Leadership Blogger said...

I've had a go at fisking this at:

Yo'll notice they didn't mention the Euro?

FranceSucks said...

Is there anything factual in that list? The phone treaty on roaming charges was actually one of the only useful thing I can think of that the EU has done and it doesn't go into effect until next year anyway. Single market? BWAHAHAHA!!!! The concept of the EU is sa good one but the execution has been horrible. The should add destroying the Dutch economy and vaporizing 15% of our national wealth by undervaluing the Guilder at the conversion as one of the fine achievements of the EU.

Anonymous said...

"No more borders in Europe."

Yes, thank God for that: