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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Lets Call it Rasputin

I used to refer to the Constitution as Lazarus, the man brought back from the dead. But I have changed my mind, Rasputin is more suitable.

It is a representative of the orthodox religion, it has a massive appetite, it aims to pervert the existing levers of power and is the subject of much controversy. Most of all however, the bastard just won't die.

Germany and Portugal, which hold the European Union presidency next year, are working to salvage key elements of the union’s constitutional treaty, rejected last year by French and Dutch voters, in time for a new text to come into force by March 2009.

The rescue operation is expected to produce a slimmed down treaty with a new name
Slap another label on it, and we will swallow it second time round??? I know that the public is gullible, but do they really think that its opponents will take it that lightly? Its already been stabbed, we plan to poison it, shoot it and drowned it in the river.


Anonymous said...

The European politicians, and especially the French, will certainly not give up their dream of becoming more powerful than the USA. Reality is another matter.

Stan Bull said...

Of course, they are going to revive the Constitution. This time without the inconvenience of holding referendums. Voila the intergovernmental treaty!