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Monday, December 11, 2006

Just Because We're Paranoid...

It doesn't mean they are not after us.

  1. The EU commission decides that a British food company has breached regulations, and bans their products for export.
  2. Britain's Food Standards Agency, checks out the company and gives it a clean bill of health.
  3. The company takes the commission to the Court of First Instance and wins
  4. The Commission fails to accept their mistake
  5. The commission decides to fine the UK food safety authorities, despite nobody ever having been in danger
  6. The EU's Food and Veterinary Office decides to audit the UK's entire cheese industry
  7. Our own Department of Health, bows to EU bullying and passes a new regulation banning trade by the company in question
They have completely overridden both their own EU standards and our Ancient liberties, in pursuit of a company that was doing nobody any harm. All in the cause of not admitting their own mistake.

Why do we want to trust these institutions with any more power, when they quite obviously cannot be trusted with that which they have?

The moral of this story is not just that the EU is morally corrupt, but that our own officials are quislings and turncoats who fail to stand up for the people who pay their wages.

Hat Tip Tim Worstall


niconoclast said...

And yet the Tories dismiss Europe as a 'single issue matter'. Is there any area of British life that is Not affected by the monstrous reach of Brussels?

James Higham said...

Carried by a few blogs and quite despicable in the extreme. We can obnly gaze on, not in disbelief but in stunned shock.

Anonymous said...

The EU bureaucrats just can't stand having their pride dented by an investigation from one of the "regions". So they have to overturn it.

I'm an EU reformist, I really am ... am I?

Anonymous said...

As I keep on saying, Better Off Out!

Serf said...

Is there any area of British life that is Not affected by the monstrous reach of Brussels?

There will not be when all is said and done.

Anonymous said...

Its time to act. All party's have shirked their responsibility on the travesty that is our EU membership. It is after all a convenient place to hide when up shit creek.
The Conservatives have a golden opportunity to take the moral high ground, right this shameful wrong and if they run away than they must expect their support to do the same.

Cameron grab them in one hand, tell them we are going to renegotiate and be prepared to defend the statement against the liars in government.

There is overwhelming support amongst the population, amongst business.

How can you not see that stories like this will gain support for you among the population. The smartest thing to do is to back NULabour into defending this illogical rubbish. Mandelson, Kinnock etc

Anonymous said...

Bureaucracy is and always has been about bullying and submission of the people.