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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Government For The People

Forget for a moment if you will, what you think of Turkey's EU membership bid. Ignore your concerns about clash of cultures, human rights or economic burdens. If you are in favour, forget that also. Just focus on this.

Only 26 percent of the European public support Turkey’s EU membership.
Now take this into consideration.
EU foreign ministers agreed to freeze eight of 35 "chapters" in entry negotiations relating to transport and trade, significantly slowing down Turkey's membership talks.
No pause to take it all in...... The EU seems to be listening to the people!!!!!! Could this be a first?


AntiCitizenOne said...


So few people support turkeys plans to join the EU, even the non-serfs have doubts.

You know they'd ignore the peoples of Europe if they thought they could get away with it.

Anonymous said...


Just because the elite happens to agree with The People, doesn't mean that it is listening to them.

Anonymous said...

Anonentity is correct.

German elections are highly probable in the near future. And Mrs. Merkel intends to win with the appearence of being against Turkey's EU accession. After the election the talks will probably continue as planned.

Anonymous said...

Turkey's EU membership negociations have run into trouble because Turkey will not accept ships or planes flying from the republic of Cyprus. It would appear that such a restrictive measure contravenes a trade and transport agreement between the EU and Turkey. Such an agreement to be in force must have been ratified by the organs of the Turkish state and those of the EU. It follows therefrom that Turkey by its actions against Cyprus :-
- is violating EU law;
- and is also violating Turkish law.
For the moment, let us leave to one side the EU membership is difficult to see how Turkey can enter into any kind of international agreement with the EU because Turkey does not fully recognize the for example a trade agreement between the USA and Turkey where the latter would not recognize, say, the state of Rhode Island......the other forty-nine states would be fine and dandy but not Rhode Island.
One boggles at the thought of such nonsense.
So does anyone know what is going on here.
Turkey is trying to become a member of a state (the United States of Europe) but at the same time does not fully recognize that state.
Gaucho Marx once quipped : "I would never want to be member of a club which would have me as a member."

Serf said...

I agree with all of you.

The Elite just happen to be thinking the same as the people on this one.

As for Greece pulling the strings, I don't agree. France and Austria, among others are using Cyprus to do their dirty work for them.