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Friday, December 29, 2006

The French Dislike The Euro

That man from Croydon has spotted a French poll on the Euro.

52% consider the Euro to be a bad thing. 53% think it has been bad for employment. 57% think it has been bad for them personally.
So an unmitigated success then.


Anonymous said...

Wherever I have travelled in Europe, nobody likes the Europe, they all claim prices have gone up as a result, I can't see it happening here, I think we will keep our pound.

Snafu said...

I welcome the fact that most of the European Union has the Euro. It has reduced transaction costs whilst Britain still retains control of domestic interest rates and Sterling.

I wonder if the BBC will pick up on this poll!?!

Rigger Mortice said...

that snafu depends on whtehr no 11 wants it to cover it

Chris Palmer said...

I have a feeling that under normal market conditions, the EURO would fail as you just can't have one currency with one set of interest rates governing such a vastly different area with contrasting levels of inflation.

However, those in power in Europe will do absolutely whatever they can to prop it up so that it does not publically fail. The Euro, the EU and the success (or actually failure) of the leaders in Europe are all directly linked.

Anonymous said...

The Italians and the Greeks are not only disenchanted but aggravated and furious by it. The Euro its a paper fiat, just like the dollar. An illusionary creation by Bankers, a currency that requires propping up like a staggering drunkard crawling out of a pub.

Standards of living in the countries with the EURO will decline gradually and precipitiously. They are on a tailspin of unimaginable dimensions. There is no future for the youth,there is no tomorrow for the elderly and retirees, today's generation of worker bees will not be able to sustain retirement when their time comes, unemployment is high, mass migration or invasion is high,the cities choked with grid lock traffic, high density living,high borrowing, their economies built around credit and more credit.There is a saying in Italy and Greece that today's opportunities lie in the industries of corruption, embezzlement and fraud against the state. It is a fantasy, with a fantasy currency ,feeding fantasy dreams of a better tomorrow .
The main problem is that the problems are unsolvable by the inept and incompetent captains of a sinking ship. We shall stew in our own juices and it is the law of the jungle "salvese quien pueda".The Euro is the official funeral rite of the EU and its member entities.