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Friday, November 24, 2006

EU Sport Take Over

There is no end to the lengths to which the EU will go to increase its realm of power. Sport is the latest frontier.

EU and UEFA to agree a formal structure, with UEFA being granted official recognition as the governing body for European football.
That is really kind of them is it not, to recognise UEFA as the governing body for European football. After all, they didn't have such a position before did they. Oh just a second they did, so what is the point here?
Following are the main recommendations of the Independent Sports Review into how sport in the European Union should be run.
The EU is basically saying that UEFA is now an extension of EU law making powers. This means that EU laws will be adopted by UEFA. UEFA & EU members Kazakhstan, Israel, Armenia and Iceland will be very pleased. Imperialist scum, is the best way to describe the Eurocrats that control our very existence.


Anonymous said...


Your blog shows an incredible high level of industriousness after the birth of your twins. I wonder where you find the time for all that. Any advice for hopeful fathers?

James Higham said...

Hear, hear. The man's amazing.

Serf said...

Thanks chaps. I always tend to blog short articles, which are far easier. (And I skive a little at work, but don't tell my boss)