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Monday, October 09, 2006

Screw You Sarko

Sarkozy, the golden boy of the French Right, thinks Europe needs a mini treaty. This would be in place of the constitution, which was rejected.

First, the mini-treaty should extend the scope of qualified majority voting in the Council and empower the European Parlia-ment to elect the commission president. It should respect the principle of subsidiarity and strengthen the role of national parliaments by adopting the EU constitution's proposed "early warning" system, enabling national legislators to challenge commission proposals. The mini-treaty should also create an EU foreign minister and increase participatory democracy, especially to empower groups of a million citizens or more to request that the commission make proposals in a specified area. Finally, if the mini-treaty were to confer a legal personality on the union this would allow it to participate in some international organisations as a single political entity.
It would have been easier to tell us what part of the constitution, the mini treaty would leave out. As it is, he seems to have just about everything covered. What he is trying to do, is simply rebrand the constitution, so as to bypass the electorate. Well Sarko, screw, you, we know you're game, and we will make sure that everyone else does too.


James Higham said...

What do you expect from a womanizer like that?

Anonymous said...

This is the very reason why you are totally out of it Serf.

Everyone in Europe is more or less on message.

Right, left, it doesn't matter.

Here we have a few oddballs lined more up with European fascists than we have with UK/Britian PLC.

Together with the workers and workers rights, you stand no chance whatsoever.

Dave is going to play out for one last time,the British victim card bullied by the big bad European Union.

He will lose it for the Tories one last time before you lot give up.

Rule Britannia, rule the EU.
Give up Serf.

Serf said...

Gary is happy with Sarko's plans to steamroller the French electorate.

Well, we expect such democratic credentials from the Left.

Anonymous said...

The tsunami of slime flooding the already murky French political landscape. Rodents like Sarkozzy are like pollutants in the clean air. You can only get intoxicated by the poisonous aberrations that gush forth from his frothy mouth and salamander like visage. Sarkozy is a zoo specimen. He should be locked up in the reptile section and put on display in the Paris zoo.