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Thursday, October 26, 2006

An Official Inquiry into the costs of EU Membership

How would you like to support the idea of an official inquiry into the costs of EU membership? Well now you can:

The Bruges Group wants you to join with us in the important campaign to force the Government to create an independent and official inquiry into the price we are paying to be members of the European Union.
Just go over there and follow the instructions.


The Leadership Blogger said...

I'd have a bit more confidence in them if there weren't 2 typos in the first three lines.......

Anonymous said...


Typos aren't relevant in regard to the main question, i.e. "the costs of EU Membership". If you try hard you might be able to differentiate between form and content.

Anonymous said...

Mission completed.

Whether my Labour MP will take any notice is another matter, but I've given it a go.

Anonymous said...

EU law demands that smokers be given health warnings on labels such as "Smoking inflicts damages to you and people surrounding you"

Similarily, the EU should be mandated to carry a warning on labels for all EU regulations: "The EU regulations inflict damages to you and people surrounding you"

Max Andersson said...

Thanks for the idea. I´ve just written a motion on this for the Swedish parliament.

It's in Swedish of course...

Anonymous said...

Such as Colin?

Please do tell.

Straight bananas?

You don't want me to travel anywhere I want to go?

Please repeat this as many times as you like at election time.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

As I posted on the ATW blogsite, no one is asked if they wanted all these projects which cost so much money; the E.U. itself was set up to be financially opaque at best, so what's the point of finding out how much things cost, when we should be asking how much it would actually cost to leave?