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Monday, October 30, 2006

Little Englanders All

Serf is not alone, many of his compatriots secretly think the same:

Some people have called for a referendum on whether powers over fishing, farming, rules and regulations, law-making and borders being returned to the British Parliament from the European Union. Would you support or oppose a campaign to hold such a referendum?
  • Strongly in favour of such a campaign 45
  • In favour 32
  • Against 9
  • Strongly against 3
  • Do not care 11
So say the results of a You Gov poll (PDF) for the Speak Out Campaign Just a couple of things I want to point out here:
  1. Almost noone is strongly against. Seeing as the result of such a referendum is almost certain to favour repatriation of powers, this shows a very tiny number of EU enthusiasts.
  2. Even among Lib Dems, 37% were strongly in favour. How a eurosceptic can vote Lib Dem, I do not know, but there is obviously still a lot of work to do, to let Lib Dem voters know exactly what it is they are voting for.


Anonymous said...

One of the things, amongst the many many MANY, about Bliar, is just how pro-europe he was in 1997, and presumably still is.

He made great capital in 1996/7, at least as much as sleaze, out of how the Tories were verging on europhobia, and it was he that then attacked Major viciously for saying that he would wait and see how the Euro panned out. Let's not forget he promised a referendum on the Euro within two years, in 1997. He then went on to make great capital out of attacking Hague for his euro stance of wait and see.

So where is his pro-europe stance now? Where is his referendum?

The Tories should reignite the euro-sceptic torch and play with it, and they should attack Bliar on his stance over the years.

And there will be NO future referendum on Europe under Bliar and Brown...they have shown they won't have one under any circumstances because they have been hoist by their own pettard either way if they do.

chris said...

I guess that 37% of Lib Dems are the ones tha think that they can actually win. Do not underestimate the power of their delusions, after all they think the EU is somehow a good thing!

Anonymous said...

The 'huge' sample of little englanders, of course, does not include the Conservative MEP group that has just signed up their support for the introduction of the Euro into GREAT BRITAIN!!

Now that was worth waiting for, Mr. Serf.
Believe me, I will be milking this one for a while.
Come on ye Tories!

Anonymous said...

Gary, could MEPs jobs be on the line if UK withdrew (or obtained associate status, like Iceland)?

Anonymous said...

Of course, if the survey had been phrased "should Britain have a vote on whether to abandon our major trading bloc and give up all say in making European regulations?", then the results might have been rather different. All this proves is that if you ask a leading question, you get the answer you were looking for...