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Thursday, October 12, 2006

The French love the EU

We saw what the golden boy of the French Right had to say about an EU constitution. Now the golden girl of the French Left is giving her answer.

The European Union needs to become more transparent, socially conscious and environmentally friendly if it wants to move forward, French Socialist presidential frontrunner Segolene Royal said on Wednesday.
You'll find little argument over transparency from us, but socially concious? We already spend €600 Billion per year on unnecessary regulations. How much more would you have us waste?
The EU had to be a counterweight to the United States, she said.
Not in any way explaining why the USA needs a Socialist Empire as a counterweight, nor what the European Serfs would gain from such a thing. Why should she, its up to us to understand her wisdom.

The one thing that is clear however, is that come 2007, a win for right or left will mean nothing from our point of view. The French love the EU, and their politicians continue to tread the path to Euro Serfdom.


James.R.Skinner said...

Unbelievable how we pay so much money into the EU, and yet they intice us to spend more. They should realise that the un-necessary waste we are contributing could easily go to our failing NHS system and Public services, let alone have the audacity to require us paying more!

Serf said...


The incredible thing is not them asking us, but rather us agreeing.

James Higham said...

Yes but Segolene is very, very pretty, isn't she? As Europe doesn't appoint or elect on competence, maybe they should do it on the basis of good looks.

Aunty Belle said...

Ya'll, this is real scary--I thought the French folks turned down the proposed EU constitution--does ya mean they's actin' as if it were passed?

From a poor ole'Southern lady who seen some history: Hold on ter yer sovereignty like it was a life preserver--ain't gonna be no "Europe" left if ya'll let's 'em homogenize ya' to nuthin' bu Euro serfs....

Of course, it is real scary 'cause we ain't so fer behind over heah on mah side of the SERF said, the incredible thang is that us'uns go along wif this idiocy.

(COurse, I did see Ms. Royal in her bikini--a distinctly French way to campaign).