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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Another Slogo Option

It doesn't mater how fast you chase the European Commission, you never catch up with the money. This fact can be expressed as EU = mc12, where EU is the immovable object, mc = mass corruption and 12 is the number of years that it has been impossible to perform a budgetary audit. Courtesy of The Anglo Saxon Chronicle


Anonymous said...

That is not true Serf.

This is another lie put out by UKIP/TORIES/BNP.

The truth is that they have been agreed as a true record for the last twelve years.

Continue the lie long enough and perhaps some will accept it.
Unless of course you say it in an election where nobody will listen to you.

Ask William if you don't believe me.


Serf said...

Which part is a lie? The books have not been signed off for 12 years.

James Higham said...

Clever, clever. This is the lie above - agreed as a true record was not the question - the question was the EU's finances, which were declared corrupt. Don't beleive me - access the auditor's report online, as I did.

Anonymous said...

The accounts cannot be signed because the rules are too hostile.

If one contract does not comply, then that contract is not signed off, even though and if the contract has been completed to everyones satisfaction as a job well done.

A small sample is audited and if one tiny part did not comply, then the whole EU budget remains unsigned.

A silly system, rife for change.

You lot love this innaccurate weapon though. Go on admit it.