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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Will The Bastards Do it?

The papers are all claiming that hard man John Reid is really a complete pussy. He wants to give up our veto on justice matters.

BRITAIN is ready to surrender its veto over European Union decisions on police and judicial matters in a dramatic policy change.
Will he or won't he? This is how it normally goes:
  1. Wild eyed federast asks for powers
  2. British government minister refuses point blank
  3. Another federast asks again
  4. Government minister looks into it
  5. Opposition & Media kick up a stink
  6. Meeting held, British Minister stands firm
  7. Public forget the whole affair
  8. Government caves in

Look for robust language tomorrow and a treachery at a later date.


Rigger Mortice said...

yes they will

James Higham said...

Why on earth would they give up the veto on police and justice?

Anonymous said...

"Government caves in"

To be in Europe is to devolve a certain amount of power to the collective.
What's the big deal here?
It's what the Tories wanted, so who am I to complain.


Kathy said...

I'm a Yank having trouble understanding this. Who makes these laws? Anybody elected by the people these laws govern?

Serf said...


That is exactly the problem.

Under the current situation, matters of justice require agreement of all governments. Under qualified majority voting (the proposal) new laws requre a majority.

So in that case, the people of some countries are disenfranchised.

Serf said...


I ask myself that question every time the EU proposes anything new.

Each time, inexplicably they give in.