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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Something Good From Cameron

After months of looking nice and saying not to much, David Cameron has actually said something very sensible about the EU:

"Our key commitment is to get back for Britain our opt out from the social chapter," he responds. "It is through the social chapter that so much of this legislation is coming. It is all very well Blair going on in the European parliament about the failure of the European social model. He signed up to it."
Thanks to James Cleverly for the link.


Richard said...

How come that is sensible? With Blair having opted in, there is no provision for opting out. Thus, as with the fishing policy, this means withdrawal from a treaty provision. If the Tories can't do that for fishing, why do they think they can do it for the Social Chapter - or has the Boy King even realised that it is an irreversible treaty provision?

Serf said...

Richard. Surely there is no such thing as an irreversible treaty provision.

I know there are problems with the idea, but politically its very astute. It attacks both the EU and Labour where they are weakest.

Anonymous said...

Richard, who cares whether it can be done -- we should definitely try our damndest... Actually, let's just withdraw and then there's no more effort needed.

AntiCitizenOne said...


Are you saying the UK parliament has lost the ultimate say about legislation that effects the UK population who vote for them?

This implies that whatever the UK population votes for it won't change a thing.

I wonder why people don't vote.

Anonymous said...

If there is one reason that could be given as to why Mr. Blair scored a hat-trick of victories for the Labour party, it is because he has a mind that persuaded himself to sign up to the 'social charter'.

If there is one reason why this current bunch of semi-half-wits of a Tory party are in perpetual opposition, it is because they have within them, a bunch of tratorous working-class Conservatives that continually shit on their own kind.

The social charter is for the working classes and any other class that wants it.
It is not for working class tories who can rot in hell for all I care.

Davey Cameron is excluded from the term 'working class Tory' William Hague and David Davis are not!
That pair fucked the Tories up and Dave need not explain himself.


Serf said...

The social charter is for the working classes and any other class that wants it.

The social chapter is for stupid fucking socialists who no dip shit about economics.

Anonymous said...

We enjoy cheap electricity, gas and rail travel today due the economics of the Tory party and it's anti working class privatisation policies.

Thats why you come last in all elections Mr. serf.


ps fuck you.