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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Making it up, As they go Along

MEPs as we all know are a useless self righteous bunch of cretins. Their latest work of genius shows it off really well.

Turkey should recognize the Armenian genocide as a condition for its EU accession, MEPs argue in a highly critical report adopted by a broad majority in Strasbourg.
Whatever one thinks about the Armenian situation or Turkey's membership for that matter, Brussels always takes the worst possible course of action. Demanding something that in itself is unimportant, yet is politically impossible for Turkey to deliver on. To keep changing the rules in the middle of the game is unbelievably crass as well.

Wrongheaded as they may be, those in Turkey who wish to join the EU are generally the same people who want Turkey to modernise and stay secular. They are more likely than the average man on the street to support equal rights, freedom and democratic norms. The message they keep recieving however is don't bother, we will do everything in our power to stop you.

The religious nuts and nationalist loons must get really happy when the EU keeps increasing its demands. They had been worried that their dream to take Turkey back to the middle ages was dying, yet those useful idiots in the EU just keep giving them a helping hand.

Surely it is not beyond the realm of the possible to keep Turkey on the road to democratic normality whilst continually postponing membership, if that is what you are after.

1 comment:

Stan Bull said...

The reform process (such as it ever existed)has effectively ground to a halt over the last year. There has been no progress on human rights, minority rights or democratisation as a whole.
Critically, the Tukish government fails to grasp the importance of several important points:

1. The profound and deeply-rooted opposition to Turkish membership throughout the near entirety of the EU member states.
2. The importance of transposing the accession criteria into domestic law and applying and enforcing these legislative instruments as swiftly as possible. By failing to play by the rules, Turkish policy-makers merely inflame the doubts of those mentioned in 1.
3. No solution on the Cyprus question (probably one would now have to be very much along Greek Cypriot lines, i.e., a Greek-Cypriot diktat-unfair as that would be)means no EU accession for Turkey. There is still a tendency among Turkish policy-makers to separate the 2 issues-they can not be separated. This has been the case since May1 2004.
4.Without the support of the likes of (former politicians)Silvio Berlusconi and Gerhard Schroeder and the Dear Leader TB (now a political corpse) Turkey lacks key supporters in the European Council.

The Armenian question is, still very much a taboo issue. It would take a remarkably brave academic or journalist to raise the issue in any public forum. I certainly wouldn't.....

And I live here. As the Serf once did.