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Friday, August 04, 2006

Wrong Kind of Democracy

We have seen in previous years how the EU has always held up democracy as an absolute, unless the wrong people win. Now it seems they are tearing their hair out once again over those barbaric Poles.

Poland's rightwing president has been condemned across Europe after calling for the reintroduction of the death penalty.
Oh how could he.......
Stefaan de Rynck, the European commission's spokesman, said: "The death penalty is not compatible with European values."
So Mr de Rynck is the arbitor of the values of 450 Million people. Again he shows why EU (not European) values are incompatible with Anglo Saxon ones. Evil criminals need to be strung up. The Polish President puts it quite well:
Mr Kaczynski said he hoped Europe would change its mind because "countries that give up this penalty award an unimaginable advantage to the criminal over his victim, the advantage of life over death".
The Kaczynski brothers are not really my cup of tea, but they are good for all of us. At least they are standing up to the wet leftie consensus that condemns us all tofuture irrelevance.


Anonymous said...

My dearest Eu-serf.

We indeed do service the death penalty all too well in the form of the Metropolitian Police led by Sir Ian Blair.

Please keep up with events.


Anonymous said...

An anti-EU argument that I always thought was particularly good, and better than most advanced by politicians, was that advanced by the naturalist, David Bellamy (who seems to have been subsequently black-balled by the BBC, as was, for a similar reason, that bloke who used to do the sheep-herding programme). Bellamy argued that you needed "bio-diversity" just as much in the political sphere as in that of nature, and this is precisely what you will not get with the EU or any similarly huge, monolithic political entity. This is relevant to your latest posting, and also explains why most opponents of this hideous construction are conservatives.

Anonymous said...

The argument against the EU is largely irrelevant.

The arguments put forward by Conservative anti's is also largely irrelevant.

It therefore stands to reason, that the Conservative part is irrelevant to the political processes of the Country.

Don't take my word for it, just keep waking up after the night before during election time and see for yourself.

To suggest no diversity in the EU is counter to the anti argument put forward by the silly party, mr. deckchair.


Serf said...


Call me old fashioned, but I prefer the old tried and trusted method of Trial first, execution later.


I think so too. My biggest problem with the EU and lefties in general, is that they believe in diversity in everything except opinion.


Try actually stringing an argument together some time. You might surprise yourself.

Mr Eugenides said...

I didn't understand Gary at all, but then I have a degree.

I'm not in favour of the death penalty but that should be for the Poles to decide; it is - or rather should be - absolutely none of Brussels' business.

chris said...

Personally I don't like the death penalty (it gives far too much power to the State), however the laws of Poland should be created by those duly elected to enact them. Which I am not, and neither is the EU.

Should the Polish parliament choose to reinstate the death penalty then it is nobodies business but that of the Poles.

I think that Gary was going for the 'resistance is futile, you will be assimilated' argument so beloved by those in favour of the EU. It's not like they have many other arguments to work with. But I could be wrong since it wasn't exactly that clear.

FranceSucks said...

The problem with euroweenies that appose the death penalty is that they are typically the same wankers that will let these animals out in 10 years back on the streets. I really could not care less if the animal in question is put to death or kept in a cage fed by a pellet release timer and crawling in their own feces but these are the ONLY options. Texas executes too easily and California spends too much money on appeals and lawyers. Somewhere in between is probably about right.

David Webster said...

"The argument against the EU is largely irrelevant."

Since when has £30bn of British money wasted in the EU, soon to be £43bn by 2013, largely irrelevant?

Extremely relevant, I think.

FranceSucks said...

"We have seen in previous years how the EU has always held up democracy as an absolute"

Same as with the US. You can elect anyone you want as long as you vote for whom Israel approves. If not prepare to be bombed into submission.

Anonymous said...

Without the death penalty society will sink even further in the morass od dissolution.

Look all around you in this supreme days of advanced societal mores. Pornography, homosexuality, the promotion and scourge of the drug culture, which slowly but inexorably does away with the deracinated youth of Europe, the worship of the new religion of human rights ( an exclusive domain of practical application in the European countries, particularly when it regards everyone and all life forms from Asia/Africa and the globe as full benefactors of civil rights and laws in Europe blurring the difference burring and eradicating the word foreigner or alien from every day usage.) rampant crime, rampant corruption, morality zero ground, enamored with the pernicious Democratic dogmas imposed by other extremist and terrorist states, nothing is European any more other than in name. To come out of this degenerating compost of bio-chesis is like hoping for a miracle.

Anonymous said...

Gary Elsby:
It may just be my premature senility, but I couldn't quite understand your post.
When I referred to 'conservatives'(with a small 'c'), I simply meant those who recognize that what happened in the past was not all bad, and whose inclination is to build on what has worked in the past, as opposed to those who try to impose some huge, brand-new, all-embracing 'plan' on society. I certainly wasn't referring to the Conservative Party, which I take it you mean by 'the silly party'. I doubt if my regard for the Conservative Party is much greater than your own. Almost all politicians - with a very few exceptions - now strike me as grade 'A' pinheads, unfortunately.
What I had in mind about bio-diversity is illustrated by a section in one of Jane Jacobs's interesting books about the role of cities in the rise of civilization, where she observes that almost all the great inventions and discoveries in ancient China were made when that end of the Eurasian land-mass was divided into many different states. Once China was united into one gigantic state, progress practically ceased, so that what people there were doing, wearing, eating and thinking was more or less the same in the 20th century as it had been two thousand years BC - and generally, apart from in the big cities, it was a pretty miserable existence.
That's what I mean by the importance of diversity, and why I think that the EU is such a terrible threat to mankind.

AntiCitizenOne said...


Move to a muslim hell-hole it will suit you.

Anonymous said...


Well, I live in Paris, would you like me to move to Stockholm or London ?

Anonymous said...

I don't think that resistance is futile at all. I'm very much part of the resistance, but only to those that attack the very EU that has given you more rights and responsibilities in its short life than 1000 years of British development. You can't, or won't see it so I'll fight the battle on your behalf, with or without your approval.

If Poland wants the death penalty, then so be it, who am I to argue?

But please leave the EU in the process. Prove to the world that you are not my prisoner and further prove that state murder solves nothing. I don't want you and don't want to be associated with you, if death is your choice.

To be in my EU, you must behave civilly. This is not a request, it is a demand.

Agree or leave. Simple.


Serf said...

To be in my EU, you must behave civilly. This is not a request, it is a demand.

Gary Elsby

President for Life, European Union