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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Those Barbaric Poles

One of the "Polish Good Guys" is berating the Polish Government over their boorish and ignorant approach to Europe.

"This government is focused on internal politics and EU affairs are a distant question. They don't adequately identify the impact of European policies on national politics,"
One might ask what the problem is with a Government focusing on internal issues, though one would hope they understand the power of the Brussels Politburo.
"The cost of this is that Poland won't be among those EU countries shaping new political realities,"
OK. Its the "Heart of Europe" cliche from a Polish point of view. But apparently it gets worse:
Poland could find itself short of qualified officials to run the EU presidency in 2011.
Wow they must be really worried by that one. Why can the Federasts not realise that right thinking people don't give a toss about their stupid little games. In what way will having a bad presidency be bad for Poland. To judge by past experience, a good presidency is one that takes the federast nightmare forward and a bad one is one that doesn't.


Ross said...

"Poland could find itself short of qualified officials to run the EU presidency in 2011."

Don't they have clowns in Poland?

Anonymous said...

would it be poss to put the EU leaders and lovers and other idiots in some kind of simulator and they can fuck it up and leave the rest of us alone ?

Anonymous said...

How much would that cost though? I'm sure it would be cheaper to just shoot them all.

Mitch said...
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Mitch said...

Here's a thought exercise:

The US offers commonwealth status to Poland, similar to what Puerto Rico has. Assume they accept. They remain self-governing, write their own constitution, elect their own legislature, speak their own language, vote in US presidential elections (but don't have voting representation in the US Congress), use US currency, don't pay US income taxes (but can impose their own), and are full US citizens & so can pass freely among the 50 states and any other US territory. They may even get tax incentives for US companies to locate there, agricultural subsidies, direct transfer payments, individual income support, etc.

I know this is far-fetched, but there are a lot of Polish-Americans, Pope John Paul II is revered by non-Catholics here, and we remember Gen. Kosciusko with fondness and gratitude. We have named towns, counties, streets, and parks after him. Besides, we like the Poles. They tend toward the anarchic side of democracy, just like we do.

Now apply this same thought experiment to other places in Europe having substantial ethnic and emotional ties to the US: Ireland, Italy, the Czech Republic... How many other countries would start to notice that this degree of interference in their internal affairs is less than what the EU imposes? After all, we don't care about the shape of their cucumbers or what unit of measurement they employ in selling bananas. Once they notice, how long would Brussels be a city of any importance whatsoever?